Mass Times & notices

Holy Rosary

Masses will be said for the intentions of:

Sunday, 10am: Parishioners

Monday: 10am Sally Paczynski

Tuesday: 10am, Patrick Supple

Wednesday: 7pm Anne Walker

Thursday: 10am, Cath Welch

Sunday, 10am: Parishioners

St John's

Masses will be said for the intentions of:

 Wednesday, 12pm, NBF

Friday 10am: Peter Hughes

Saturday, 5:00pm: Thomas, Neil & Christine Mulloy

St Joseph's

No Mass or Services until further notice in St Joseph's Church. 

Mass, however, will be celebrated in St Joseph's School and all parishioners are welcome to attend, please report to reception.

St Joseph's School: 

Feast Days:

Please pray for the sick and those who are ill:

Please remember those lately dead or with anniversaries:

6th Sunday of the Year (B)

Week beginning: 11th February 2024

Prayer Week: 2

Please ensure that any requests for anniversary Masses are received in time. 

Any Mass intentions please put in envelope and through the door of Holy Rosary


Today begins the season of Lent which the Church proposes as a preparation for the celebration of Easter.

Ashes will be blessed and distributed at both Masses.

Fasting and abstinence is of obligation for us on this day.




The Pope’s prayer intention for the month of February is for the terminally ill and their families.

 It of course comes during the month when we celebrate feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (Feb 11th).

 He quotes St Pope John Paul II, “Cure if possible; always care”. He reminds us that palliative care guarantees “the patient not only receives medical assistance but also human help and closeness,” and he asks that we also remember that “the family of those terminally ill should not be left alone in such difficult moments”



400 Club

Reminder- subscriptions now due for this year.

There are spare numbers if anyone wishes to join.




Over the years I have gathered a collection of various lives of the saints in the form of CTS (Catholic Truth Society) pamphlets.

I will leave a selection of these in the rack at Holy Rosary and the Repository table at St John’s. Please take and read and pass them on to others. I do not need them returned. The saints are our heroes and heroines. They point out how to love and serve God and as members of our family they pray for us!




Our Diocesan Directory on sale at £3


The Northern Cross-FEBRUARY



Statue of Our Lady

For many years the statue was available to parishioners to have in their homes for a week.  FEBRUARY now on noticeboard. Please sign up.


N.B. Tuesday Mass at Holy Rosary (schools on half-term)



Confessions Saturday, St John’s, 10.30-11am