Pastoral Parish Council

Members of the Pastoral Parish Council

Chair - Mr B Scott (Justice & Peace / CAFOD)

Vice Chair - Mrs C Kelly (Finance)

Secretary - Mr M Besford (Altar Servers)

Other members:

Vacancy - Children's Liturgy

Mr. W. Devine- SVP

Vacancy - Eucharistic Ministers

Mrs E. Pitfield - Music

Mrs A. Woods - Readers

Mr. F. Miller- Cleaners

Mrs. J. Murray- Confirmation Catechists

Mrs. C. Swainston- Bereavement Group

Mrs. S. Weatherall- First Sacraments Catechist

Vacancy - Diocesan Laity Council

Vacancy - Diocesan Laity Council

Mrs. P. Wynn- Flowers

Mr T. Nimmo - Youth Representative

Miss S. Brady - Youth Representative

Mr C. Walker - Young Christian Workers

Rev. D. Mc Kie- ex officio

Rev. J. Butters- ex officio